The quest of a manager

We have familiarised ourselves in a nutshell with the two pillars of these management fundamentals: building blocks and management. A manager requires in-depth knowledge of these areas to ensure he or she can understand, design and manage an organisation. Management fundamentals are built around these building blocks. There are three sections in which clusters of two building blocks are discussed. Section 1, with the strategy and structure building blocks, lies in front of you. We are currently working on the publication of the other sections. A number of additional subjects are included in the annex that, in fact, lie 'under' the fundamentals. Basic concepts from methodology (models) and quality are involved. The figure below shows the plan of a game that is based on The Art of Management. The game is called 'the quest of a manager'. This name has not been randomly chosen and do not expect that the quest will be over once you have finished reading. None of us hold a lease on ultimate wisdom. And there is nothing wrong with that really. The fun, after all, is in climbing the mountain, we only stay a moment at the topů